Pharmacy service is an integral part of your business. InnovateRX will partner with you to make sure you put your best foot forward to the residents, because bad pharmacy service directly affects your community. We believe that no two Assisted Living Communities are the same and they should not be treated that way. InnovateRX offers flexible and customizable pharmacy solutions that are tailored to each individual community.

Our personal and collaborative pharmacy solutions are what set us apart from other large and impersonal long term care pharmacies.

Improving Patient Care with Technology
We believe it is important to embrace cutting edge technological solutions that will improve patient outcomes and increase staff efficiencies. Technology can reduce the time your staff spends on medication related issues and spend more time focused on resident care.

Unparalleled Customer Service
InnovateRX believes in delivering excellent customer service, the way all companies should, no matter their size. When you call our pharmacy, you will talk to the same team members each time, not a call center hundreds of miles away.

Comprehensive Clinical Resources
We offer a complete package of clinical resources that improve patient outcomes and overall safety, including a consultant pharmacist that specializes in geriatric care, a professional formulary management team, and a consultant nurse.