Pharmacy Services

Improving Patient Care with Technology

We believe it is important to embrace cutting edge technological solutions that will improve patient outcomes and increase staff efficiencies. Technology can reduce the time your staff spends on medication related issues and spend more time focused on resident care.

Parata Pass multi dose packs

The Parata Pass unit-dose barcoded packaging and delivery system greatly decreases med pass times and reduces med pass errors.


Web portal that allows your staff to connect electronically with the pharmacy for refills, new orders, and patient records.

EMar Interface/Link

Our pharmacy software is compatible with most major EMar providers and can link to any existing EMar software.

Multiple Pharmacist Check Point

When an order is received it is entered into our order system. Each new order is checked by two pharmacists, one at the beginning and one at end of the filling process to ensure accuracy

Accuflo Electronic Records System

InnovateRX offers the Accuflo electronic records system to improve patient safety and resident care while providing accurate and consistent documentation. Our experienced staff works closeley with your facility to process new admissions, maintain standing orders as well as comprehensive treatment records.


WebConnect Screen